Spring Festival three days box office more than three billion yuan of consumer culture usher in "the best thing as" | Red Sea Action

    Year of the Dog during the Spring Festival Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, February 19 (Reporters Zhai Xiang and He Xinrong) -, Domestic movie box office, "Wang Wang Wang"。
Cat's eye in real time according to the box office to preliminary statistics, the domestic movie box office day to three days a total of about 32 million, far more than the same period last year, setting a new record market。   Madden 2018 Spring Festival film market momentum in the New Year's Day on the "hard-edged"。
On that day, the domestic movie box office amounted billion, one hundred million yuan over the same period last year, an increase of up to 50%。   "More than 10 billion figures, surpassing the previous record single-day single market worldwide box office。 This means that movie as a new consumption patterns get more public recognition of China。
"Vice-Chairman of China Association of literary critics, said Yin Hong。
  Big Year, the domestic movie box office results in a nearly billion yuan, 10 billion yuan to continue to maintain the level of standards。 Day to three days at the box office total of about 32 billion yuan, close to last the entire Chinese New Year stall, can be described as a historic breakthrough。   The outbreak of the Dog Chinese New Year film market, thanks to the following three factors: – the creation of colorful themes。 Spring Festival this year release schedule of movies, covering more topics comedy, action, reasoning, animation, content can be described as brilliant。
Among them, the fantasy comedy "Monster Hunt 2" to the first day billion yuan of achievement day to three days behind in the box office champion; the action comedy "Chinatown Holmes 2" in the temple of millions of dollars to become the box office champion, who started to three days of total box office results billion behind in second at the box office list。
  From the box-office data, the Year of the Dog Chinese New Year film market has two main characteristics: First, the film shine IP。 Including "Monster Hunt 2," "Chinatown Holmes 2", including, with a good reputation and fan base early accumulation, coupled with new elements designed sequel, part of the IP to get word of mouth and box office double harvest, described as " popular and critically acclaimed "。
  Second, the main theme of the movie once again demonstrated the powerful charm。
"Red Sea action" to restore the Chinese "Yemen evacuation" of the feat, the film day to three days attendance of more than 60%, has reached one hundred million yuan at the box office。 Reporters visited Hefei two days of Bona International Studios noted that the audience almost at full strength。
At the end, the audience burst into warm applause。 "From" Wolf 2 "to" Red Sea action "for China's increasingly powerful feel very proud。 "The audience Chen Sihan representation。    – Movie Xuanfa innovation。
The so-called "wine is also afraid of deep alley," beautiful box office success, which requires excellent quality as the basis for the movie, it is also inseparable from the movie Xuanfa such powerful promoter。   From the schedule to see the Spring Festival, China's film can be described as crowded declared fat, Xinzhaodiechu。 With the weakening of efforts to make the ticket pre-sale this Xuanfa new varieties in the sudden emergence of the Chinese New Year Year of the Dog。 Pre-sale through the online ticketing platform, not only to attract more users to come to the cinema, but also conducive to release the film in the early diffusion reputation。   Online pre-sale, online seat selection, online payments, Internet companies in the Year of the Dog Spring Festival film market full force。
In more than popular films and release Chupin Fang, have Internet giant shadow。
"If the movie is a car, the traditional film and television companies are driving people, then Internet Pictures is gasoline, they used hundreds of millions of large and powerful data channels, to promote the industry to accelerate progress。 Evaluate "the industry source said。
   – cultural consumption heats up。
With the continued growth of national income, the Spring Festival this traditional festival, cultural consumption is increasingly becoming one of the "strongest schedule"。   "New Year is an important way to watch movies and share family moments。 At home, we have each staring at the phone screen, washing dishes or mopping the floor of what, in the theater you can sit secure in twelve hours, come back also discussing viewing experience, I think this very festive way worth it。
"Wuhan audience Zhang Qiuping said。
  Not just the city, cultural consumption boom also extends to the township。 In some rural wall, and on the eve of the New Year has been painted with the declared fat slogans such as "do not see the New Year Hu bar exam no one boast double hundred" like most of the time the return of the army to stay in the city, has become a movie Spring Festival stalls compete for new audiences。
  Insiders believe that the rapid development of the film market, which reflects the great potential of China's cultural consumption。
Viewing during Chinese New Year has become a "key" and "New Year vulgar"。   Director of the Media Management Institute of Fudan University, Zhu Chunyang said hot behind the Spring Festival film market, reflects the quality of Chinese movies and continuously upgrade people's pursuit of a higher cultural consumption。

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