back, the pho杭州桑拿to of her, not like in the past has been too thin to wind down gradually to the early years of the state of recovery, and no longer as before, frown, like the next second will cry out, peace of mind, she faces from the heart, and now his face is always with a smile.

  As Pei Naochun, and, like his wife, with vivid looks between, but year-round travel between research, at the computer, material, originally thirty-four Baidu degree rise again a few cells, now appeared to be Ben seventy-eight Baidu went, thick lenses start up, in addition, the kind of child who is scholar gas back again.
  ”Yuan Yuan, you quickly turn on the TV, your dad yesterday stature in the group sharing link is not to say that, today, twelve o’clock noon news have his camera right?”Pei Grandma looked at the time, holding a sewing box and sat down – to say she was very contradictory, on the one hand want to give Pei Yuanbo repairing some fresh clothes fit, on the other hand, whenever there is any damaged areas, wanted to sew a seam.
  ”Mom, do not worry, the head of the general also said something else too.”Yang Qiuping in the kitchen washing dishes, the family meals are usually Pei grandmother sitting, then take turns washing dishes – although his son is back as Po, the Pei family has long been a consensus can not be spoiled by his son, TV What little news on the emperor’s more to go, and love are two different things spoiled.
  Peiyuan Bo opened the TV, Pei grandmother sitting together, ahead of the news network is part of a routine – While trying to concentrate to see, you can still somewhat unconsciously take God.
  ”.And now the Institute Dr. Pei Naochun B City University reached an agreement in the future, the state will invest funds for the distribution of free bracelet, maintenance.Around the policy will continue to be.”Female anchor of the broadcas深圳桑拿网t standard cavity sounded, Pei Naochun these three words like family attracted attention, even Yang Qiuping also came out holding a kit

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