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  This news, talking about the recent days, reached with the National Institute of Pei Naochun name of cooperation, patented under the name of the other party, to make things a “smart bracelet” in the name, and in the next ten years, laying the each of the hands of children – of course, only the first batch of children, if all 北京夜网goes well in the future, likely to continue to expand.
  Female anchor connection of the site, first appeared, was a hall located in, sign, handshake picture, the right side of the screen, you can see Pei Naochun being signed his name on the contract –
  Interview is a signatory of leadership: “.According to our estimation, intelligent bracelet, in the future, the popularity of every family, of course, our main target is children under eight years old, and will continue to extend after.Bracelet patented technology licensed from Dr. Pei Naochun main function is actually very simple, is to monitor, locate, alarm, record personal information, emergency contact.”
  ”.Yes, the current test machine have been released, according to test results, the completion of the equipment is very high, will be for the future protection of minors, give great help.”
  TV, Pei Naochun no interviews, with only a picture and name, but still want to see her family are truly proud of, knowing that the other party can not hear, palms have been red drum.
  ”Yuan Yuan, since you have to learn to your daddy on TV, to be a scientist.”Pei Grandma patted grandson, he said with a smi北京体验网le.
  ”Mom, Yuan Yuan wants to choose what you want.Non-scientists do not necessarily.”Yang Qiuping Pro to go back to washing dishes, put a sentence mouth, as long as the child of her peace and joy, and without big breath, feed themselves by their own hands, in her when the mother appears to have been good enough.
  ”Also, Yuan Yuan, or to choose their favoriteindustry.”Pei Grandma quite able to listen, nodded his head in affirmation.
  News on television continues, the only people in the room,

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