te after, with relevant苏州桑拿网 national companies reached a cooperation, launched an upgraded version for all ages – from materials restrictions, can do better, of course, which is contrary to all the people to the original intention, profits received, he will establish a foundation – which is the same decision after deliberation Yang Qiuping, Yang Qiuping same part-time positions in the Foundation.

  The name of the Foundation called four yuan – this name is Yang Qiuping Tucao, but she also takes better name does not come out, they had nodded in agreement, focused on anti-trafficking activities, trafficking in children.The Foundation’s money will be divided into three parts, the first part is to promote funding for the various regions, including in remote and backward mountain, publicity trafficking, illegal buying and other acts of nature, the severity; t杭州桑拿he second capital , said simply, called the report a bonus, the Foundation promised not to leak information, will report information transfer police, rescue once successful, will be given a bonus based on the number of children being bribed; third, is looking for tracing missing children were rescued and cared for the child f深圳桑拿or no reason, a three-pronged.
  Yang Qiuping very supportive, she even played the urge to quit his current job, threw himself into it, but was persuaded Pei Naochun, most full-time jobs Foundation, is the need for long-term around the country to run around he do not ask, we know that you want to leave Peiyuan Bo a couple of weeks, way too busy to contact Yang Qiuping is impossible, and therefore is the responsibility of the other party as regulation, supervision and auditors are together responsible use of money, each project implementation.
  She shook the phone in hand, is the husband replied information, just after reading the news, she gave her husband sent a congratulations, then this will received a reply.
  [Pei Naochun: Qiuping, it is just beginning, hope for the future, every “Yuan Yuan” can gr

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