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  First against the comments of the topic, the most famous of the big V,杭州桑拿 is a well-known scholar Sadducees know –
  @ Sadducees know: Screenshot of speech in silence criticism intelligent bracelet of the year I published on the personal blog, and now want to come, can only say so delicious.Smart bracelet is indeed a project benefits the country, and now the family elders and myself, have been brought to the purchase of self-ternary bracelet – reportedly after payment of the country, can take two bracelets, in a triple Ltd. jointly upgrade.
  He bowed comments, first king of neat environment Chak really fragrant expression package, then 2333 is a pile of laughing face, and then later, users are then put together to discuss.
  ”I’m going year when born boss, on the account have to send a boss to this, I feel particularly angry vanguard, do not understand this is what to do with, and later found that this is really a baby artifact, Once we put the baby on the bed and we slept together, rolled down to him (it was our fault), bracelet directly called up, although the baby was shocked, much better than an accident!We went to three yuan upgraded the underlying disea杭州桑拿洗浴se detection, if a fever, the temperature wrong, the guardian will be notified immediately to this, eliminating the need to worry too much.”
  ”.Last time I went out shopping nephew and sister-in-law with play, the result wandered off, I began hastily pulling sister-in-law to go desk to find someone – everyone should have heard that parents of children XXX, your child service Taiwan and other broadcast your right?I was scared to death, fear can not find nephew, sister-in-law the results opened a mobile phone software, especially the kind of fool, only a few functions, the navigation to find nephew, and I was just as impressed by the development of technology.”
  ”It is now a three-way without blowing my brain, silently sharing news links – 1, intelligent bracelet timely warning, traffickers were caught.2

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