What to eat good kidney effects fall woman?

"Men afraid of hurting the liver, kidney afraid of hurting women," we can see the importance of women's kidneys, modern woman would often various kidney, what is good kidney effects following night just so a woman eating network take a look at the most suitable for a woman kidney "10 treasure"!  Kidney first treasure: Angelica for blood deficiency and blood stasis caused by irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain。
Angelica depending on the functional state of the uterus while the uterus was two-way adjustment。
Renal anemia is also used for chronic renal failure caused by。
  Angelica motherwort eggs: Angelica 30 g, motherwort 50 grams, was added 1 hour cook boiled eggs。
  The second kidney Po: gelatin used was less anemia, red does not solid under the blood of pregnant uterine bleeding and。
Containing amino acids, than iron treatment of anemia, improve calcium balance in vivo, it can be used in uremic renal anemia。
  Gelatin stewed red dates: 30 red dates cooked, add gelatin 10 g of Yang。
  Kidney third treasure: dried longan for liver and kidney deficiency caused by blood deficiency insomnia, palpitation and other symptoms of menopause。
  Qi egg longan: longan 30 grams, 20 grams of wolfberry, boil, add peeled boiled eggs, half an hour cook。
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