Do you want to wash the towel?

You may not know these five truths

Do you want to wash the towel?
You may not know these five truths

Summer is here, the temperature is beginning to rise, and the frequency of bathing is beginning to increase. Most people no longer bathe every other day like winter, but instead choose to bathe once a day.

And everyone will take a bath towel to cover their whole body after taking a bath in the bathtub in order to dry the water more quickly.

After the towel is dry, leave the bath towel on hand and wait for two days to continue using it as a body wipe.

Many people will do this, because the towels are large and heavy, and the towels are particularly difficult to wash.

In their consciousness, the bath towels may wipe off the water on the body, and they will not get dirty.

  Many people do n’t wash bath towels very often. Basically, they do it only once a week. Even if they wash it once every half a month, they often put it on the balcony to dry after wiping their body.Is it really?

  Five truths about bath towels1. Bath towels are actually very dirty. Anything used will cause them to be very dirty, as will bath towels.

It seems to just dry the moisture, in fact, it also comes into contact with the body’s oil, dead skin cells, microorganisms, and so on.

Not to mention friends who hang their towels in the bathroom after wiping their bodies. This makes it more prone to germs in the bathroom. You must know that the water in the bathroom is heavier and can easily cause bacterial growth. This is definitely not a good situation.

  It is true that some people use bath towels more boldly. They are used to wipe the breeding area, the anus, etc. This is more likely to cause the spread of bacteria.

  Considering such a situation, you may not be able to accept it. You must know that the dangers of not cleaning bath towels are more than that.

  2, hurt the eyes When wiping the body with too much water, many people will inadvertently touch the eyes. Chlamydia trachomatis on bath towels as pathogenic bacteria can cause trachoma and conjunctivitis.

  3. Cause of hand, foot and ringworm In addition, the microorganisms on the bath towel may form Staphylococcus aureus, which may easily cause hand, foot and ringworm and rash.

  4. The smell that minimizes the odor hazard occurs. If it is rainy or rainy, wipe your body with a bath towel after taking a shower, but do not wash it in time and put it aside, which may cause the bath towel to have an odor.

Once the mold gets on the skin, the harm is even greater.

  5. Cross-infection In some families, the use of bath towels will be confusing. If you run out of it, I may use it later. This approach is likely to cause cross-infection of skin diseases, which is completely terrible.

  It can be seen that cleaning towels becomes extremely important.

As mentioned earlier, bath towels are large and heavy, and it is troublesome to wash once. It is easy to waste after each use. It does not prevent it from being used two or three times in a row while keeping it dry. If it is more than three times, it is best to wash it.

Then dry it in a ventilated place, if it can be exposed to the sun.

If a musty smell or odor appears, it is best to wash it immediately and replace it if appropriate.

  The use of bath towels needs to pay attention to two things1. Disinfection is essential. Regular disinfection is an important thing, but many people will ignore it.

The best thing is to wash the towels once every half a month, and the disinfectant with the matching laundry detergent on the market is still placed. Choose a suitable one for home use, which can avoid some big troubles.

  2, can not be mixed with the use of bath towels mentioned above can not be mixed, it is best to be dedicated, even relatives, but also separate use, can not be replaced.