Learn to be smart woman

Learn to be smart woman

1. A clever woman does not prevent Mr. Li from Taiwan from showing weakness. He opened a restaurant in Beijing and the business was booming. The restaurant was closed one day and met his wife Hedong.

Mr. Li fled to the table in a hurry, and the customer came back to look for the missing things, and he just ran into it, embarrassing.

At this time, the exquisite Mrs. Li rushed to the table and patted the table: “I said, carry it, you just need to carry it, just come to help, and use your divine power next time!

Mr. Li went straight down the donkey and boasted that his wife was thoughtful, and the crisis was gradually resolved.

  2. A smart woman may pretend to be stupid Yuhua and her husband for 10 years and still be yours.

Her secret is: give her husband the biggest face.

There is a note on the wall of her bedroom, on which is the “house rules” she made: the first: history proves that her husband is always correct.

Everything is up to him; the second rule: in case he is wrong, the first rule is still implemented.

Later, her husband added another one, the wife’s general ruling.

  3. A smart woman may be humble. Do n’t think you told him, he will do as you ask. / When we want to get the result, we must consider the acceptance of the other party.

For example, he always forgets to cover the toothpaste after brushing his teeth, so you just say “please” a lot, instead of throwing out “No, don’t allow” to him, then he will be glad to accept it, andDon’t get mad and angry.

  4. Whether a smart woman is at home or outside, whether you use your husband as a rice cooker or a vacuum cleaner at home, once his face is involved, you must be careful and hold an old, precious porcelain in your hand.

Give him enough face to get “high returns.”

  5. Smart women can accompany him to cry. In fact, men are tired. Opening eyes is a variety of responsibilities and obligations. They dare not admit that they are also very vulnerable. When they need care, please give him enough when he is satisfiedAppreciation.

When he encounters injustice and frustration, he may shed tears with him.

Then forget it as soon as possible, and leave the old thing alone.

  6. Smart women practice mindfulness. Remember that it is not mindfulness or mindfulness. If you want to give your face to a man, practice it more.

Your cultivation, your conversation, your charm, your appearance, your wisdom, and your smile are all important parts of a man’s face.

  Otherwise, only Yushu is in the breeze, and there is no beautiful lady to accompany, how can the outer face of Phnom Penh be posted?

  We often see men defending their faces all the time. Who sees what happens when a man breaks his face?

The man who lost his face became crazy, and he became aloof.

Anything that goes to that extreme is actually unfortunate for women.

Therefore, a smart woman who is willing to take care of her husband’s face can manage the two people’s small-scale business more and more harmoniously.