[How many apples can I eat a day]_How to eat_How to eat

[How many apples can I eat a day]_How to eat_How to eat

Fruits, like vegetables, are foods that we need to eat on a daily basis.

But everyone knows that some fruits are not suitable for eating more.

For example, for friends who lose weight, the content of aunt durian is higher, and eating more will affect weight loss.

For diabetics, high-sugar fruits such as watermelon are also inedible.

So how many apples can I eat in a day?

In fact, generally, one a day is enough.

Eat 1 every day?
2 apples can achieve the above effect.

Apple has the reputation of “wisdom fruit” and “memory fruit”.

People have long found that eating more apples has the effect of improving memory and improving intelligence.

Apples are not only rich in sugar, vitamins, and minerals, which are necessary for the brain, but more importantly, they contain more zinc than other fruits.

According to research, zinc is a component of many important enzymes in the human body. It is a key element for promoting growth and development. Zinc is also an essential element for nucleic acids and proteins that are closely related to memory. Zinc also has the role of producing antibodies and improving human immunityHave a close relationship.

The amount of water in apples is 85%.

Apple contains polyphenols and flavonoids natural chemical antioxidants and a large amount of crude fiber.

Contains too much potassium, which can be combined with the body’s excess sodium salt to make it excreted from the body.

When the body has too much sodium, eating apples is good for balancing electrolytes in the body.

Containing elements such as phosphorus and iron, it is easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, and has the effects of nourishing the brain and nourishing blood and rests the nerves.

Apple aroma is a good medicine for depression and depression.

Experts have found through many experiments that, among many odors, the aroma of apple has the greatest psychological impact on people, and it has a significant effect of eliminating psychological depression.

Clinical use proves that after mentally depressing patients smell the aroma of apples, their mood is greatly improved, their spirits are relaxed and happy, and their depressed mood is eliminated.

Malic acid in apples has a whitening effect.

Many people worry that the acidity of apples will erode the teeth. Apples with cheese can limit the acidity in apples.

Eating apples can also help clean your teeth effectively.