[Good to eat raw eggs]_Recommended diet

[Good to eat raw eggs]_Recommended diet

Eggs are a kind of food we often eat. The nutritional value of eggs is very high. The nutritional elements in the eggs are suitable for absorption by the human body. They have the effect of improving immunity and health. Some people like to eat eggs raw.Nutritional effect will be better, is it so?

Now let ‘s find out if you eat raw eggs?

Under normal circumstances, the use of raw eggs is not recommended. This is because the eggs have not been cooked at high temperature, there will be some bacterial viruses in the eggs, and even some parasite problems. If the eggs are eaten raw, the body will easily be infected with these germs or parasites.Bugs, this is very harmful to your health.

Through investigation, it was found that some germs or parasites are mainly concentrated on the egg shell. When the egg is eaten raw, the egg shell needs to be opened. At this time, the egg will also touch the egg shell. This situation is likely to cause secondary pollution.When eggs, some germs or parasites will enter the human intestines and stomachs, and health will pose a certain threat.

In addition, we must understand that the egg liquid is rich in nutritional value before it is cooked, but at this time, the egg liquid is not easily absorbed by our body. Many nutrients will metabolize and excrete the body, affecting the nutritional absorption of eggs.In addition, eating raw eggs for people with a bad stomach can also easily cause symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The above simply understands how good it is to eat raw eggs!

Under normal circumstances, it is best not to eat eggs raw, because raw eggs are easy to cause secondary pollution, causing some bacterial viruses or parasites to enter the human body, and from the perspective of nutrient absorption, especially for people with poor stomach, Easy to cause some symptoms of digestive tract.