6 types of food can make you Boba to eat out _1

6 kinds of food can make you “Boba” to eat out

The first category: Lettuce is a traditional breast-fed vegetable. It can be eaten with yam and chicken liver. It can nourish blood and promote nutrient supply in the breast area, and can also improve the moisturizing and color of the skin.
銆€銆€The second category: papaya is the first choice for breast enhancement food. It is sweet and flat. It is eaten together with red blood jujube and nourishing skin food. It has digestion and stomach, nourishing and prolacing, regulating menstruation and nourishing the body, and has a therapeutic effect on indigestion.
銆€銆€The third category: walnuts and pine nuts are rich in vitamin E and zinc, especially rich in linolenic acid, can delay breast aging, in addition to protein, minerals, B vitamins are also very rich, is the best hairdressing emollient.
Corn is rich in vitamin E and is also a breast food that diet experts admire.
銆€銆€The fourth category: soybeans, green beans and black beans are well-known breast foods, rich in protein, lecithin and other substances.
Chicken wings (especially in the wings and wing tips) are rich in collagen and are eaten with soy beans, which is very beneficial for breast enhancement.
銆€銆€The fifth category: wine is a very traditional breast food, in which the enzymes, active substances and B vitamins produced by fermentation are beneficial to the development of the mammary gland.
Quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and vitamins A and E. Cholesterol in egg yolk is more beneficial for breast development.
Scorpion is a good nourishing liver and kidney, and is also a common raw material in beauty medicinal diet.
銆€銆€The sixth category: peanuts and black sesame are rich in vitamin E, which can promote the development and improvement of the ovary, promote the growth of the mammary gland, and increase the breast.