Eating while asleep is dangerous

Eating while asleep is dangerous

According to media sources, after lunch one day two years ago, the president of a country was holding a packet of potato chips, lying on a large comfortable sofa in the office, eating potato chips while watching TV, and planned to take a break.

Unexpectedly, as a result of drowsiness after a full meal, a mouthful of potato chips has fallen asleep.

While breathing, the potato chips actually fell into the president’s throat, causing the president who was sleeping in a slanting cough, resulting in temporary syncope!

  It is no coincidence.

My friend Hua has encountered similar dangers, which is really scary.

Hua is the head of the department and is very busy.

He wakes up at 7am every morning and goes on the road after a simple breakfast. After a busy day in the company, he gets home tired and lays down.

  One Friday night, Hua drove hungry and tired on a very crowded high-speed highway, and finally came home at 9 o’clock.

Wife Red came home from work long ago, finished the meal and ate it first, and was watching TV.

As soon as Hua entered the door, he leaned on the sofa and didn’t want to move, but he growled so hungry, but couldn’t lie down to eat.

He told Hong, who was standing next to him, “I’m really out of energy. I have to take a break before I get up to eat.”

Now give me a lollipop and add some energy.

  Hong took a fruity lollipop larger than the egg yolk, peeled the wrapping paper and handed it to him.

Hua was lying on the sofa with a lollipop in his mouth, his eyes were on the TV, and he wanted to watch TV while eating.

I didn’t expect it to be too sleepy, and fell asleep within minutes.

But the huge lollipop was not in the mouth for long, and the volume hadn’t shrunk.

  Hua was half asleep and half awake and turned from a side to a supine position, with a huge round candy in his mouth.

Hong sat next to watching TV, and suddenly she heard a rushing voice in Hua’s mouth, terrifying and urgent!

  Hong quickly got up to see what happened?


what happened!

Red cried out loud.

Because she saw Hua’s face flushed, she had trouble breathing, and couldn’t speak.

Hong immediately took the lollipop that was added out of Hua’s mouth, but at that instant he was even more frightened: because he only took out a lollipop, there was no huge sugar ball on it!

It turned out that the quality of the lollipop was not good. The lollipop separated from the sugar ball in a short time. The large round sugar ball fell into Hua’s throat and got stuck there.Come.
  Hua’s breathing became more and more rapid, her face gradually became darker from the initial red, and soon became purple.

He couldn’t talk, couldn’t cough, and stood up, sitting or lying on his back.

The big round sugar ball just got stuck there.

  Hong immediately called the 120 emergency number, and the ambulance arrived soon.

However, the huge round sugar ball just didn’t know how to take it out.

The doctor even asked the nurse to fill Hua’s mouth with water, saying that he could only slowly reduce the sugar globules.

  This horrible process lasted more than two hours before it was considered over.

The sugar balls that were blistered were finally coughed out by Hua, but the painful torture of more than two hours is still fresh in memory.

When leaving the emergency room, Hua was very surprised why the doctor didn’t need to clamp the sugar balls out with pliers?

  A lesson to learn: Don’t eat flat on your bed or sofa.

Because if you accidentally get stuck in your throat or even the trachea, it is very dangerous!