Lifestyle determines the length of life

Lifestyle determines the length of life

How to make your body younger than the actual age, the experts suggest that this requires your attitude towards the body.

A healthy lifestyle will definitely benefit you.

  Concern 1: Keep the arteries elastic and exercise regularly: During exercise, the human body will accelerate blood circulation, so it is also a process of adding vitality to the arteries.

The smooth flow of blood can quickly deliver nutrients to all parts of the body; while sweating during exercise can strengthen the metabolism of the body and promote the replacement of waste outside the body, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the blood vessels during contraction and expansion.

  Eat less sweets: keep the arteries unobstructed without doubleness, pay attention to the sugar content in the blood.

The blood with too much sugar is actually on a crowded road and cannot reach its destination smoothly.

In addition, smoking cessation can reduce adverse stimuli on the vessel wall.

  Peace of Mind: In life, don’t be self-centered in everything, often showing irritability and arrogance, so that it is easy to make the spirit highly nervous, the blood vessels are always in a state of contraction and contraction, and even buried in the hidden danger of underground arteriosclerosis.

  Opinion: Medical famous sentence: “People and arteries live together.

“It is about the movement of the human body as a living body. The arteries are vital organs.

If the arteries are once hardened or even necrotic, then death may be moving closer to you as you move forward.

  Concern 2: Pay attention to enhance immunity. Dental health: According to related research, there are about 300 microorganisms in the mouth and 4 in 1 ml of saliva.
50,000 microorganisms.

If there is a problem with caries or gums, many germs will break through the immune defense line and enter the human body and become sick.

Environmental Hygiene: Living in clean air is an alternative to maintaining normal immunity.

Highly active carcinogens formed by incomplete combustion of gases, or car exhaust gases, benzopyrenes separated from dust, etc., even second-hand smoke inadvertently inhaled indoors can pose a threat to human immunity.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid cumbersome renovations, often open windows to avoid environmental pollution.

  Adequate sleep: Studies have shown that at least 3 hours of sleep reduction is expected, and immunity is expected to drop by 50%.

During sleep, it can accelerate the self-healing of various tissues and organs, and remove the invading antigenic substances through an immune reaction.

Therefore, in clinical treatment, doctors often take sedatives to patients who cannot tolerate the bacteria, and relieve their condition through sleep.

  Sexual health: Herpes simplex virus, Chlamydia trachomatis, cytomegalovirus, lymphocytes, Treponema pallidum and Hepatitis B virus, which cause sexually transmitted diseases, have long-term disease and unhealed migration. Once an immune defect is formed, it is difficult to cure.

  Opinion: The human immune system usually has three levels of protection, one is to resist the invasion of foreign pathogens; the second is to quickly remove the virus into the body; the third is that the virus has damaged the human body and should be repaired in time.

If the above immune protection layer loses, then the disease is inevitable.

  Concern 3: Healthy spleen and stomach to eat out a balanced diet: fish, nuts, vegetables, olive oil, cereals, garlic and other foods help maintain arterial elasticity; animal liver and kidney, yeast, malt, egg yolk and other foods contain relatively rich folic acid, canRelieve tension; “monounsaturated sputum” in foods such as fish, peanuts, corn can make you younger; soy, soy products, salmon, tomatoes and other foods can even increase vasodilation, and also help to flattenwrinkle.

  Opinion: The nutrients needed by the body are provided by food.

Only by absorbing healthy food can the spleen and stomach be healthy.

You can use your nails to find information about your body’s lack of nutrition: there is no pliable feeling when extended, and it often makes a crisp sound.

  Concern 4: Make the body more flexible and stable: If you just lose weight by dieting, even a slight reduction is very irregular, and the muscles are slack due to lack of adequate nutrition.

Therefore, it may be better to use exercise as your living habit to stabilize your weight.

  Tendon flexibility: Frequent stretching exercises are often used to delay the aging of muscle ligaments.

This exercise can make the muscles active, which slows down the elasticity of the blood vessels and the speed of skin relaxation.

Need to be reminded that when exercising, let the shoulders, neck, arms, hips, legs and other parts of the body move.

  Enhanced endocrine: The human endocrine system has a significant effect on muscle tissue.

Stable sex hormone levels, the characteristics of the transition between the two sexes are very obvious.

If there is tension in the internal secretion, the hormones that support muscle strength will be missing or not stable, and muscle pain will often occur, and the body will increase slightly, leading to the appearance of the old state.

  Opinion: The outward appearance of aging is muscle relaxation.

Chinese medicine has the saying of “several sitting injury”, which means that sitting for a long time will damage the muscles.

Exercises such as sit-ups are one of the most comfortable and flexible exercises.