6 tips for women in the workplace to stay happy

6 tips for women in the workplace to stay happy

Escaping from the perfectionist trap, perfectionist women always set themselves a perfect goal in advance, and strive to be perfect in everything. Once they fail to do so, they will deeply blame themselves and waste depression, so they will doubt and deny their abilities.Surrounds the trap of perfectionism.

In fact, as long as we work hard, don’t demand results.

You must be good at learning to applaud every effort you make, so that you always have a sense of accomplishment, and contented and confident women will be full of happiness.

  Worries about “amnesia” bosses who are difficult to get along with, painful love affair, harassment of interpersonal relationships, career frustration, and so on. There are countless troubles in life, but we can’t bear grievances about unpleasant experiences.

We must try to learn to quickly forget about the troubles. If not, we can find a way to quickly change the mood of the troubles, or sleep a lot, or join a friend party, or make up your favorite entertainment or sports. In short, it can be achieved.You put on the way of worrying about “amnesia”.

And for trouble and conflict, we must be a “heartless” woman.

  Never compete with others. Some women always like to compare with others, as if the scenery of others is a pain in her heart. When others are proud, it is the day when she is deeply frustrated.

Care and jealousy must be the nemesis of happiness.

  In fact, each of us has the irreplaceable advantages of others. If we focus on managing ourselves, we will lag behind and enter a broader life path. It is important to calm down.

  Finding happiness Happiness is not something we can never expect, happiness depends entirely on your own thoughts.

For example, if you are on a mountain of business, you can imagine that this is your favorite thing. Stress is relieved. Emotions increase naturally and the efficiency is multiplied. Complaints can only make things go in the opposite direction.

  Success expert Carnegie says that accepting the worst can psychologically allow you to develop new abilities.

When life is at a low ebb, you can think about it: Where can I go if I have reached the ebb?

According to the logic of development, the low mood is the moment when it turns to the high, such a state of mind must be very encouraging.

This is by no means the spiritual victory of Ah Q, otherwise things are already bad and unhappy is not helpful. It is better to change your mind and try to find joy and cheer yourself up.

  Losing is also happy Sometimes, too much unhappiness is because we always want to gain but are afraid of losing, and we are unhappy about losing things.

In fact, loss and gain are a pair of conjoined babies, which are interdependent.

Losing youth gains maturity and life experience, loses playing time and gets paid for hard work, losing high-paying positions but gains the leisure moments that you desire, and losing the one you love gains the one who loves you more.

Thinking about it this way, we really feel pain for the opposite, but should be happy from time to time.

  Regardless of others’ eyes, some women have replaced their expectations, like living in the standards of others, looking for the value of others in their judgment.

Such a woman, a word of vilification by others destroys all her confidence, because she cares too much about what others think of herself.

  Caring about other people’s views can only disturb their own squareness and live a heavy life.

  Only if you do what you want, don’t go against others’ eyes, respect your own way of life, do what you really want to do, and do what you want to do, can you achieve a happy and free life, like flying lightly as a swallow.