How to fight too much pressure

How to fight too much pressure

Some people in the workplace are new to the workplace. In the new year, everything is new to them. What they are facing is how to open up a world by themselves.

There is another type of person in the workplace. They have been in the company for many years. In the new year, everything is familiar to them. They are facing how to open up another world by themselves.

  If you are new to the workplace, you dare to ask where is the road ahead and who knows the protagonist: Azhe passed away at the working university in July this year.

Looking for a job, submitting resumes everywhere, the days of the interview are also rushing.

After I handed in the tripartite agreement, I felt more desolate and sold it.

The beginning of a new phase of life, but in the future is to pay for yourself.

I have a small science degree. With a seven-year reading career, I knew that I couldn’t possibly become a scientist or a pseudo-scientist. In the process of finding a job, I knew myself again and chose the pre-sale job.

Because it is a career change, everything must start from scratch.

  Heart knot: leaving the pure and contentious campus, what will be waiting for me ahead?

  Coping strategies: Do your homework as soon as possible to understand all kinds of information in this industry, quickly familiarize yourself with the situation of enterprises that are about to get involved, and communicate with seniors.

Starting from scratch is not just about knowledge, it’s about mindset.

  Where to find the protagonist in the past: Miss He worked for four months. After entering the company for four months, Miss He developed an unspeakable sense of loss.

“I feel completely ignored.

“Miss He said.

After work, the scenery of the school days has long been unknown, and she is waiting for all kinds of “cold treats”: she was originally recruited into the company by the big boss himself, but since entering, she has not had the opportunity to speak with the big boss;Indifferent, but often often find her partner-an active girl chatting; colleagues have their own small circle, she always seems unable to get in . She is very depressed, “I want to participate in some things, who is willing to do onlyMinions?

But if the boss doesn’t know his ability, it’s useless to do it again and again.

Heart knot: I feel like an optional soldier. Even if it disappears, no one will care about it.

  The best answer: open your mouth, boast the boss’s new tie or praise the beauty manager’s new necklace, who doesn’t like to be praised?

Attend the dinner, use the lunch time to talk with colleagues about discounts, exchange beauty experiences, and show your lively and lovely side.

Learn to work overtime and go home after work?

Penalty points!

Knowing that active overtime is the best way to predict the boss ‘s sight.

  How should I adapt to the protagonist: When Mr. Huang graduated from work for one year, in the envy of his classmates, Mr. Huang entered a foreign company.

I thought this was the beginning of his “brilliant” career, but I didn’t expect that the reality gave Mr. Huang a “sap”: he usually does things slowly and slowly, he doesn’t adapt to the fast pace of foreign companies;Express your meaning freely in front of a foreign colleague; he is accustomed to accepting orders, and he knows how to discuss work with his boss . Heart knot: I just got on the job and can’t find the direction for a while.

  The best strategy: enter the role, quickly become familiar with the company’s traditions, the office gradually, the birthdays and hobbies of the boss and colleagues.

Do your homework, understand all kinds of information in the industry, reach your professional level as soon as possible, improve your English for practice, or participate in the company’s training courses.

Field-tested and looking forward to glory again.

  Revisiting the workplace as a career encounter XXX Watch me become a protagonist in seventy-two: Old K worked for six years. In 2004, Old K I was a bit unhappy.

In just one year, I changed jobs twice, three units.

Let’s talk about the first job of this year. After I went there, I knew that the unit was too small to realize my great dream-to be an excellent beauty editor.

A month later, I changed jobs.

The workplace can change, but my persistent dream cannot change.

  Then I changed another newspaper and started to feel pretty good, so I really started living as an editor.

Because it was just founded, there were not enough people, and there were only a few boys, so I naturally took on a lot of work, and naturally explained it on weekends.

As a result, after working hard in December, the original promised remuneration could not be realized at all, and the monthly salary difference was 1,000 yuan.

God, I have to live, let alone I am a man!

Ideal or realistic?

Finally, reality defeated ideals.  What I do now is a DM newspaper with a large number of advertisements. Naturally, the work of the American editor is far from that of regular newspapers.

Now, I seem to see my ideals drift away from me.

I’m almost desperate, why is it so difficult to stick to my ideals?

Is it too much for me to work or too much for life?

However, I am no longer indifferent to me.

The more you change your job, the more you calm down, or the more you are prepared for the change.

  Opinion: It is true to be loyal to the ideal, and loyal to the RMB.

Even if it is ideal, or what you need to experience is to pursue its joy and bitterness.

  I am still the protagonist here: Mr. Yang has worked in the company for two years and witnessed two very different “years”: At the end of the previous year, we went nonstop to supervise and promote market promotion activities, and the company was also on a large scaleRecruitment expansion is in full swing.

During the Chinese New Year, the boss was also “enough”. In addition to the double salary at the end of the year, each person also issued a considerable amount of year-end awards.

  But the year of the monkey is not long. Due to the cold winter in the entire industry and our failure in the operation of a certain product, the business of the entire company has declined.

At the middle of the year, the company began to transform, with attendant layoffs. Rarity continued until the end of the year.

At the end of last year, not only was there no year-end award, but even the double salary was ruined.

Fortunately, my wife’s unit performance is not bad. Thanks to her year-end bonus, we can return to our hometown as beautifully as in previous years.

  Seeing the company’s change process from the rise to the fall, especially when I looked at the empty office a year ago, my heart really is not the taste: lost, depressed and lamented.

Looking at the budding of the company’s new business, there is a sense of freshness, but it feels dazed.

I also thought about leaving, but I couldn’t let go of the new business I watched as I participated in the whole process.

If my unbearable departure is a manifestation of loyalty, I think this loyalty comes from unity.

At the beginning of the new year, when I returned to work, I seemed to feel that my whole body was full of new strength.

  Opinion: Now that we have decided to stay, in the new year, the most we should do is to remove the haze of our hearts, strengthen our confidence, and try a brighter spring for the company and ourselves.

Yes, winter is here, will spring be far behind?

  When the career meets the homeowner: Miss Yang Pang has been working for six years and she is honest, sometimes she does n’t quite understand how this life in front of her started, but now the reality that must be accepted is: a young guy who likes yogurt every daySurrounded by himself, chubby and naughty.

When I enter the door, I always step on various toys, and the graffiti on the wooden board makes my friends startled. I tried my best to find some time for the boss and baby from the corners of the day.

  When I bathe my baby, I get shampoo in his eyes because I am still thinking about a contract from the company yesterday; I will buy clothes for half a year at a counter because the baby is noisyI want to go home; my son is aggrieved, and the first one to cry is me. The next day I will appear in the kindergarten to communicate with the teacher on time. At the same time, I know that I have been deducted a few dollars for being late this month .Day by day, my attitude towards life is getting more and more sophisticated. Even if the living room is full of toys, life can continue; even if the clothes in the closet are no longer fashionable, as long as they are clean.

And on a sunny weekend, playing with your baby, you will forget the competition, the pressure, the humanity, and the scams . No matter what happens around you, life is not so bad. Merging the little childlike world, your life is sunny.

  Opinion: Career and family always seem to be difficult to balance, but they must be balanced.

Ever heard of “epoxy theory”?

People learn to put different roles into different positions.

: This, just close that and reduce the interference between each other.

  Regardless of whether you are new to the workplace or the elderly, some contingency rules in the workplace should be learned and mastered. I believe that the problems encountered by the above workplace people will feel the same at work, and hope that our methods and suggestions can help you betterRespond to workplace changes.