After working outside for so many years, I still choose to go back to my hometown to make an auxiliary police.


After working outside for so many years, I still choose to go back to my hometown to make an auxiliary police.

Recently, many people and Xiaobian said that working in his city is too hard, too tired, so hard, so desperate but can not see the results, want to go back to their hometown development.

There are many people who have this kind of thinking. The pressure in the first-tier cities, the ideas at home, and their choices all have certain factors, and it is not that everyone likes to be in a big city.

Some people say that a bicycle is a motorcycle, and some people say that working overtime is so tired, it is better to go home and cook an iron rice bowl.

To be honest, in the big city, “punk health” is really a day when the body is not as good as one day.

Look at your personal thoughts. Xiaobian excerpted some netizens’ ideas and came to see them together?
鈥?1鈥擳he high-pressure city in the big city lives in the city, often working overtime. The life of 996 can’t be eaten and the pressure is great. Every month, you need to run for performance.

After working for a few years, many people feel overwhelmed and unbearable.

I want to go home to do a leisurely but still alive job, I can get off work from time to time, and I usually don’t work so tired.

鈥?2鈥擳he hope of the family is long outside, and it is inevitable that they will be homesick.

Sharing an example of my college time, my high school and college classmates, is a very very homesick person, can go home 3 times a month, I asked him why?

He said that he is still comfortable at home!

“Out of the house, all are far away” This is really his true portrayal.

I believe that many families are like this, and I hope that the family can live together instead of just getting along for a few days a year.

鈥?3鈥擯ersonal factors From the perspective of life, it is possible to study outside for several years and to return to hometown.

Although the small city auxiliary police did not have such a high salary, but the ease, the pressure is much smaller, the life is regular, and it has become stable.

Moreover, as an auxiliary policeman in his hometown, he can round out the dream of being an auxiliary policeman when he was a child, and hopes to be a springboard and prepare for the police in the future.

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