Health Science – Authentic Bird’s Nest Malaysia How much is a pound?


Health Science – Authentic Bird’s Nest Malaysia How much is a pound?

Bird’s nest is a very good tonic, prolific in the southeast, such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. On the southeast coast of Hainan Island, there are also bird’s nests on the Yunnan border, but the yield and quality are poor.

The swiftlet is known as the national bird in Indonesia, and the bird’s nest is the backbone of the Indonesian economy.

Its annual bird’s nest production accounts for 80% of the world’s total demand, and the bird’s nest industry is very developed.

Peanut is the country with the largest bird’s nest production in the world. Its main producing areas are in Bataan, Java, Medan and other places, mainly house swallows and cave swallows.

Malaysia is the world’s second largest bird’s nest country. Its main producing areas are located in Sarawak, Hat Yai and other places, mainly leading to house swallows and cave swallows.

The following small series mainly introduces the bird’s nest in these two major producing areas: How much is the price of bird’s nest in Malaysia?

The swiftlet nest in Malaysia is very good. The breeding of swiftlets is very demanding on temperature. The high quality bird’s nest also needs extra food. The high temperature in Malaysia is always between 26 掳C and 31 掳C.
Deep forest marine resources are abundant.

It is because of the abundant rainfall and abundant marine and deep forest food resources. The environment is very good and the pollution is low. It provides a high-quality growth and breeding environment for the swiftlet. It produces few bird’s nest particles, high fiber density and good quality.It is one of the main producing areas of bird’s nest.

The price of authentic Malaysian bird’s nest is the size of the bird’s nest. The size of the bird’s nest is classified as: 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A. The bird’s nest is about the price.

The reason is very simple, the bird’s nest, the more people like it.

In this way, everyone goes to the market to buy grapes, everyone will pick big grapes, the same reason.

Throughout the national bird’s nest price, the price range from a few dollars / gram to more than 100 yuan / gram, some well-known physical stores, the price is generally 55-100 yuan / gram, then, a pound of bird’s nest price should also be more than 22,500 yuanIt is.

With the rapid development of the economy, more and more people can afford bird’s nest, and bird’s nest has entered many ordinary people’s homes.

Indonesian bird’s nest how much bird’s nest to buy more assured imports of Indonesian bird’s nest price of 40-80 yuan / gram.

Indonesia’s best bird’s nest is produced in the “World’s Bird’s Nest”, Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Indonesia has a hundred years of history, and the old swallows are relatively opposite, so the quality of bird’s nest is much better.

The bird’s nest in Sumatra is the best, the climate is right, the air and the environment are pure and pollution-free, and it is a rare land in Indonesia.

However, the conditions for the swiftlet to make a nest at the same time are also very demanding and critical.

The climate should be moderate, the environment should be suitable, and the air should be very up to standard. Therefore, only the bird’s nest in Sumatra can be called the best in the bird’s nest, and it is known as the 鈥淪ummon Saint鈥?

In order to regulate the bird’s nest market, the Chinese government requires that every bird’s nest sold must have its own ID card “trace source”, full traceability supervision, import registration, port inspection and quarantine.

Legally guaranteed to be safe.

鈥淪ource code鈥?is the core standard for legal import inspection and quarantine.

The bird’s nest of “Yanzhiwu”, “Yu Kee” and “Yikangde” are bird’s nests with such ID cards.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase bird’s nest with traceable source code.

What brand of bird’s nest is good?

Xiaobian here introduces three: 1, Yan House: Yan House, big name, trustworthy, good nourishing effect, good taste, excellent absorption, enhanced resistance, zero 濮? high collagen and amino acids, eat the skinIt is delicate and full of collagen.

2, 鐩?:: This bird’s nest protein is rich, texture is smooth, in order to meet the needs of consumers and the market, I also remember to continuously collect high-quality foods from all over the world, its variety is more than five, more than 60 kinds, including bird’s nest, Cordyceps sinensis,Seafood, abalone, sea cucumber, shark’s fin, mushroom, fungus, American ginseng, Korean ginseng and health products.

3, Yikangde: This brand adopts the 鈥渉andmade ancient method to wash the swallow鈥?process to pick up the impurities, then carry out cold air drying, standard quantification, the whole process is non-polluting, no bleaching, no addition, thus maintaining the most naturalNutritional ingredients for bird’s nest.

Nutritional ingredients are absolutely imaginable.

Finally, the small section of the science popularization of bird’s nest is the best, how to choose a good bird’s nest: four steps, look at the burning and seeing: the middle of the bird’s nest is a filamentous structure, the Yanjiao part is a sheet-like structure; the pure bird’s nest is saturatedOr under the light, it is not completely transparent, but translucent.

Smell: Bird’s nest has a special fragrance, but there is no strong smell.

The smell is special, there is a fishy smell or greasy taste for the fake goods touch: take a small piece of bird’s nest to soak in water, take the thread after pulling it, the elasticity is poor, and the one is broken and it is a fake;It is also a fake that can be mashed.

However, there is no flexibility after it is fully opened. If there is still good flexibility, it will be fake.

Burning: Ignite dry bird’s nest with fire, splashing Mars, this is the result of protein burning, the ash is black, not the white ash misunderstood on the Internet.

If the bird’s nest you bought meets the above characteristics, then congratulations on buying a good bird’s nest.

Ok, the above is a little introduction to bird’s nest, thank you for reading.