How to prevent itchy dry skin in winter


How to prevent itchy dry skin in winter

Core tips.

hzh {display: none; }  很多有皮肤毛病的人害怕过冬,他们不是怕冷,而是怕秋冬的寒冷干燥引发皮肤瘙痒。  Right now, in the case of a cold wave, a person with itchy skin implants describes himself when seeking medical treatment. His hands, legs, and skin are covered with red rashes and dense, itchy and painful, like a needle felt during the day.Only a few bloodstains were left.

Experts pointed out that the cause should be actively searched for and treated accordingly, and some wrong antipruritic methods should be corrected in particular.

  Dry skin directly induces itching. Sebaceous and sweat glands are distributed in the skin. The secreted sebum and excreted sweat can form a thin film on the skin. This thin film can reduce skin moisture evaporation and keep the skin smooth and flexible.

With the increase of age, the secretion function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands will gradually decrease like other organs in the body, and the sebum and sweat on the skin surface will gradually decrease.

  In winter, due to the cold and dry weather, the skin blood vessels contract, and the secretion function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is further reduced, which causes the already small amount of sebum and sweat to be further reduced, which makes the skin dry and aggravated, and causes the nerve ending sensors distributed in the skin to degenerate.Aggravate, and send a strange stimulus signal to the sensory center of the cerebral cortex, which causes itching.

  Middle-aged and elderly people with dry itchy skin often appear after taking a bath, and usually start from the calves where the glands are distributed, and then extend upwards until the whole body, the skin shows scales, scratches, and even blood scabs.

Itching is paroxysmal, light day and night heavy, often unbearable, affecting sleep.

  Warm reminder Itchy skin in winter is mainly caused by dry skin.

There are three main methods for winter skin moisturization: 1.

Do not use hot water in hot baths in winter. The warm water is good for the skin, because the natural oils on the skin are thoroughly washed out by hot water soaking, and this natural oil is more effective than skin care products to dry out after bathing.end.


Normally after the bath, before the skin is completely dry, apply emollients on various parts of the body, which will cause the emollient ingredients to penetrate into the upper layer of the skin. In those parts of the body that are prone to dry cracking, try vaseline and use it”Seal” the skin and reduce the evaporation of water, which is very effective for protecting dry skin.


When you are at home in winter, the indoor temperature is high, which leads to dry skin. Putting a basin of water in the room or using a humidifier is a good way to solve dry skin.

  Identified the cause of diabetes patients without medication. After blood glucose control, itchy skin appeared, and it gradually spread from the toes to the waist and legs. The rash was continuous, and itching was painful. It did not work with many skin medications.

  Experts say that the causes of headache and itching are internal or external, or both.

The internal causes of systemic pruritus are often related to certain systemic diseases, such as hepatobiliary disorders, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, anemia, nephritis, chronic renal failure, lymphoma, leukemia, malignant tumors, parasitic diseases, neurasthenia, etc.

In addition, irregular menstruation, pregnancy, etc. can also cause pruritus. Excessive smoking, alcohol and spicy foods, etc., may become the causative factor of systemic pruritus.

  If you have pruritus, you can’t simply treat the symptoms. You should ask a professional doctor to check the medical history, conduct the necessary comprehensive examination, and look for the cause and the primary disease. The root cause is first, and many hormonal topical drugs can not be used blindly for a long time, so as not to affect the disease.
  For the treatment of pure skin and skin pruritus, western medicine is mainly for sedation and antipruritic.

If the skin is dry and itchy, remember not to scratch the affected area. The result will be more itching and itching, more itching and itching, and the more severe the scratching.

At this time, you can use some emollient moisturizers on the dry and itchy area. If itching is severe, you can also apply some antipruritic ointment or lotion with cooling ingredients (such as calamine lotion, cyprotin cream, piracetamUrea ointment, etc.) to relieve symptoms, or a local cold compress with a towel soaked in cold water can also relieve itchy skin.

  As far as oral medicine is concerned, try to follow your doctor’s advice.

Cod liver oil pills can be taken 3 times a day, 1 capsule each time.

Oral multivitamins, calcium tablets, etc. also have a certain auxiliary effect on patients with pruritus.

For ordinary pruritus, you can take some drugs without sedation during the day, and take anti-histamine drugs with sedation half an hour before going to bed at night.

  Diet conditioning both internally and externally to prevent itching in winter skin, internal conditioning is very important, pay attention to rest and proper psychological pressure regulation.

Diet adjustment should be recognized, usually drink plenty of water to increase the skin’s water supply.

  Pay attention to nutritional balance, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, soy milk and other water-rich foods.

Even often eat sesame oil, soybeans, peanuts, etc., they contain unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, etc., and the human body lacks linoleic acid, the skin will become dry and the scales will thicken.

  Vitamin intake is very important for skin itching, especially vitamin A, B2, B6 and so on.

When the human body lacks vitamin A, the skin becomes dry, scales appear, and even spinous pimples appear on the skin. Therefore, eat more animal livers, carrots, rape, celery, poultry eggs, cod liver oil, etc.

  At the same time, patients with pruritus skin should avoid spicy, greasy, seafood, coffee, wine and other foods, such as purulent skin diseases should eat less sweets, alcohol, etc .; and pepper, onion, garlic, wine, strong tea and other foods will cause peopleMany reactions, such as poor sleep and emotional stress, can also affect people’s sensitivity to stimuli, making them more prone to itching.

In general, eat a light diet and eat less fecal food.

  The age of onset of pruritus is currently young, which is mainly related to diet.

Essentially, some unhealthy lifestyles should be changed, such as staying up late and overeating.  Pruritus is characterized by easy recurrence. Therefore, after the symptoms are controlled, attention should be paid in the aspects of life maintenance, and nutrition and necessary exercise should be strengthened to improve the body’s immunity.

Pruritus in the elderly and pruritus in winter should avoid the use of “hot bath” and reduce the use of detergents and soaps. Pruritus in the elderly is mostly caused by blood deficiency and yin deficiency. If the blood lipids are normal, you can eat some oily foods.

At the same time, the stool should be kept unobstructed and metabolism promoted.