9 tricks to get rid of middle school students’ inferiority complex

9 tricks to get rid of middle school students’ inferiority complex

A serious sense of inferiority will cause people’s psychological abnormalities, which will greatly harm the learning and life of middle school students.

However, the inferiority complex is not immutable. Parents can try to eliminate the inferiority complex of their children through the following measures: 1. Comprehensively and dialectically treat themselves, recognize and evaluate themselves correctly.

  We must not only see our shortcomings truthfully, but also our own strengths appropriately. We must not see our inhumanity or excellence because of some of our inferiority.

  2. Learn to attribute correctly. You ca n’t think you are incapable because of a single failure.

I do not know that the reasons for this failure are likely to be multifaceted, not necessarily caused by insufficient ability.

  3. Improve self-confidence. Before you do something, you should first have the courage and believe that you can do well.

However, in the specific implementation, the difficulties that may be encountered should be considered.

In this way, even if you fail, it will cause psychological ups and downs due to psychological preparation in advance, which will lead to psychological disorders.

  4. Experiencing success often recalls things that have succeeded because of your own efforts, or reasonably imagines the success that will be achieved, thereby inspiring self-confidence.

  5. Use positive self-suggestions When you are not confident in certain situations, you may use language to suggest: “I can do others, too.”

“” Others can succeed, so can I.

“In order to strengthen their confidence to change the status quo.

  6. Establish a new point of excitement. When you are at a disadvantage or facing your own weaknesses, you can distract yourself by intentionally shifting the topic or changing to something else.

For example, you can divert your attention to the activities that are most capable of realizing your own abilities, so as to dilute and reduce the psychological inferiority shadow caused by weaknesses, and relieve stress and tension.

  7. Correctly compensate ourselves In order to overcome the inferiority complex, we can compensate in two ways: one is to make up for the poor.

Knowing that you are flawed in some areas, you don’t carry your burden of thought, and overcome these flaws with the greatest determination and tenacity.

The second is to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses.

For example, Socrates was not good enough, so he worked hard on his thoughts, and finally shined in the field of philosophy.

In daily life, we should pay attention to self-regulation.

  8, pay attention to self-motivation and inferiority are generally more sensitive and fragile, can not stand the blow of frustration.

Therefore, due attention should be paid to self-satisfaction and contentment.

In learning, do not set goals too high.

Appropriate goals can make you successful, which is the best motivation for yourself and helps to increase your self-confidence.

After that, the target can be adjusted appropriately, and the second and third successes are expected.

In the motivation of continuous success, self-confidence is continuously enhanced.

  9. When selecting the reference frame for comparison, in order to avoid the inferiority complex, we should choose people who are similar to us in all aspects and compare things.

Otherwise, there is a great disparity with yourself, or mentioning your weaknesses and the strengths of others, you will inevitably feel inferior.

When comparing with people, we should pay attention to “comparability”-choose the appropriate frame of reference, otherwise there is only “people are more than people, mad at people”.