How to maintain health after the frost?

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How to maintain health after the frost?

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Health Guide: Frost and solar terms mean that the autumn will transition to winter. At this time, you need to know health care, so how does the frost fall?

The frosty solar terms, health, clothing, food and shelter can not be ignored, the following five tips for the fall of the festival.

The principle of frost reduction, the principle of frost, means that the weather is getting colder, and the first frost appears, which means that winter is about to begin.

What should you pay attention to in the fall of the festival?

The following is a brief introduction to the health care points of the clothing, food, housing and transportation of the frost-fighting health.

First, diet: winter is not as good as supplementing the cream. Chinese medicine believes that the frost should be lightly compensated.

Therefore, the diet should be as light as possible during the frost season.

Especially don’t put too much salt in the food.

Excessive consumption of salt can easily lead to an increase in blood volume and an increase in lateral pressure on the vessel wall.

At the same time, it is easy to make people feel thirsty. It needs to drink a lot of water to relieve. Long-term intake of salt will cause the body to swell and increase the burden on the kidneys.

There is always a saying in the folk, “It is better to make up the frost than to make up the winter”, and think that the autumn supplement of the frost season will have an effect compared to the winter tonic.

The tonic can’t escape the most fat duck and fresh mutton in the fall. It is best to add Codonopsis pilosula, Angelica, Rehmannia and Radix Astragali.

The traditional Chinese medicine used in this season is Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Asparagus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Lily, Rehmannia, Polygonatum, Sweet Almond, Ligustrum lucidum, Scrophulariaceae, Jujube, Fritillaria, Ginkgo, American Ginseng, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Ginseng,Hey, Huanren and so on.

However, from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, “medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement”, and even the medicine supplement, it must be based on the individual’s physical fitness, and can not be supplemented.

Especially the elderly, if they are tonic, not only can not play the role of nursed back to the body, it may cause major trouble.

For children, you should turn to convergence, gas, and dryness.

At this time, it is advisable to choose a diet that moisturizes and nourishes the yin. This type of food and drink has the effect of enhancing immunity.

Whole wheat noodles, wheat kernels, bean sprouts, soy milk, peanuts, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes, yam, pumpkin, radish, cabbage, onions, alfalfa, lily, fungus, pear, apple, grape, alfalfa, jujube, olive, sweet almond, sugar cane, honey, duck eggs, etc. are more convenient to eat at this time.

If you want to converge on yang, you can increase the amount of sour food such as hawthorn, schisandra, persimmon and vinegar in the diet.

If there is no cold weather or there is no cold in the body, try to use less or no sweating food, such as green onions, ginger, pepper, mustard and so on.

Second, living: dressing to keep warm, morning greedy sleep is the last solar term in autumn, the beginning of the transition from autumn to winter, the lowest temperature can reach zero temperature.

As the saying goes, “The frost is not cold, the frost has changed to the sky.”

At this time, the temperature difference between day and night increases, people should pay attention to adding clothes, especially pay attention to the feet and stomach to keep warm, while strengthening physical exercise, prepare for cold, prevent colds.

Health experts especially remind that in the autumn, human skin is easy to dry, desquamation, and close-fitting clothes should be washed regularly.

Hand and foot maintenance, keep your feet dry.

Older people should not wear hard-soled shoes, shoes should be looser, and socks should be breathable.

During the frost season, you should also develop the habit of washing your feet with hot water before going to bed. In addition to preventing respiratory infections, hot feet can also expand blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, improve skin and tissue nutrition in the feet, and reduceThe occurrence of soreness in the lower limbs relieves or eliminates the fatigue of the day.

At this time, many people like to sleep on the bed because of the cold weather.

In the morning, the health experts explained that in the morning bedroom, the exhaust gas from the body was exhausted overnight, the air was dirty, affecting the disease resistance of the respiratory tract, and the bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide and dust particles in the air caused people to have a cold and cough.Pharyngitis, constipation, etc.

Long sleep time, it is also possible to reduce the contractility of the myocardium and body muscles, destroying the rules of heart activity and rest.

In the long run, the human body will be poor and prone to illness.

Therefore, the season of frosting should be avoided, and it is better to go to bed early and get up early.

Third, exercise: pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of movement and static. The frost is generally in the lunar calendar in September, a scene of high autumn, at this time the lungs and gold, the amount of exercise can be appropriately increased, instead of climbing, playing and other sports.

Ascending the lungs will make the function of the lungs comfortable, and at the same time, you will be able to relax and feel at ease.

You can also choose to broadcast gymnastics, aerobics, Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, ball games, etc.

The temperature is getting lower and lower. It is best to go out to exercise when the sun comes out or warmer. If the activity is too hot, you should untie the buckle and let the body cool down slowly.Before each exercise, be sure to do a good preparation activity, pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of movement and static, not too tired, not too often sweating, so that the yang is leaking, hurting Yin Jin, shrinking the body’s resistance.

After the frosty solar eclipse exercise, you should eat more anti-autumn pears, apples, ginkgo, onions, radishes and other foods to prevent respiratory diseases.

It is necessary to pay attention to keep warm and prevent chronic stomach diseases caused by improper local warming, old cold legs and other diseases.

Fourth, the emotional: to maintain a good attitude, the frost has passed, the grass began to slowly dry, the leaves began to gradually fall, touch the scene, people will become worried.

Psychologists said that autumn is a high incidence of various emotional diseases.

If it is not properly adjusted, it is easy to induce other mental illnesses such as depression.

Therefore, maintaining a good mentality, taking advantage of the situation, venting stagnation and cultivating optimism and open-mindedness is one of the irreplaceable contents of health care.

Always participate in some recreational activities that are beneficial to the body, such as singing, dancing, climbing, traveling, etc. In these activities, communicate with others.

The smile from the heart is a quick-acting anti-aging agent.

Modern medical research proves that laughter is the best exercise for the body. Different degrees of laughter have appropriate coordination effects on organs such as respiratory organs, chest, abdomen, internal organs and muscles.

In addition, the benefits of laughter will be reflected on your skin for the first time, making the skin more lustrous and elastic, making you look radiant.

Therefore, watch the comedy film in the autumn season, and laugh when you feel happy.

Fifth, disease prevention: Focus on the warmth of the frost season, the temperature may suddenly drop, the temperature difference between day and night will be greater than 10 °C, and our skin and respiratory system can not adapt to such changes.

At this time, people with chronic diseases and those with poor constitution and weak resistance are prone to worsening or having a fever.

In addition, the stimulation of cold air is severely contracted by human blood vessels, and the blood pressure suddenly rises, thereby causing various cardiovascular diseases.

Experts pointed out that in order to prevent the above diseases, the key is to keep warm, and people with poor physical fitness must take timely prevention work.

People with a history of cold-blooded hypertension should take precautions in advance; those with a history of hypertension should also take antihypertensive drugs on time and regularly, check blood pressure regularly, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Frost and cold, prevent disease, prevent exercise, maintain emotional stability and good mood, reduce the distance in the morning and evening, try to avoid cold air invasion, is an effective way to actively prevent diseases.

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