Find yourself a stool

Find yourself a stool

In real life, it is difficult to have the right seat, and God’s fingers are often careless.

If you always wait, don’t take action, and don’t work hard, you will never sit in a position that suits you.

  When traveling, we often can only stand because we do n’t have a seat. At this time, you do n’t want to ask the flight attendants, or look for it yourself to see if there are any stools you can sit on.

There are often spares in the car. As long as you speak, as long as you have found it, you will most likely get a stool that belongs to you.

  In the journey of life, not every place is full, nor is there no place suitable for you that belongs to you.

In fact, this position always exists, but it requires you to persevere in finding it.

You found it at the right time, then sat up and it belongs to you.

Otherwise, you can only be a passenger waiting in exhaustion.

  There is a saying: “Let the ducks swim and the rabbits run.

“Means that everything in the world has its own strengths, and each has its own place.

Born as a person, the most affirmative thing is that current events can enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses. “Strengthen strengths and avoid weaknesses” is to be able to pinpoint one’s own position, so that inherent wisdom can be used normally.

If we are blind to the status quo and are not afraid of failure, we can only stay in a position where we cannot see success.

At a literary writers exchange meeting, a literary teacher said, “The most important point for an author’s success or failure is whether he can find himself a stool to sit down at the appropriate time.

“I’m sure that in life no one knows anything, and everyone has something to be proud of.

The important thing is that goodness is not good at discovering your own strengths, goodness is not good at grasping your own strengths, and goodness is not good at finding the stool that belongs to you.

Finding a stool that suits you and setting it for yourself may be comfortable; but more importantly, on the way to success, there is a relaxed and comfortable human ecological potential.