Improve work pressure and put a mirror on the table


Improve work pressure and put a mirror on the table

For office workers, work every day is also around the transition.

The vision is not open, the environment is depressed, it will inevitably make people feel emotionally irritable and work efficiency will decline.

How to do?

Try putting a mirror on top.

銆€銆€According to a study conducted by Harvard University in the United States, from a psychological point of view, looking in the mirror can train people’s self-confidence, instead of putting on the mirror, when the work is difficult or the mood is not good, it can effectively relieve the psychological pressure.And irritability.

Don’t underestimate the action of looking in the mirror. When you are very resistant to doing something, this little action can bring you confidence.

銆€銆€In addition, the interior of the office is usually small in space, densely staffed, and long-term intensively staring at the computer, the eyes will dry and cyan, fatigue and soreness. If you look at the mirror and follow the principle of reflection, you can visually add room.The permeability enhances the visual range of people and thus improves the role of rehabilitation fatigue.

銆€銆€Of course, if there are conditions, it is recommended to install a mirror in the office, especially the high-rise building facing the window, which can effectively increase the indoor illumination and relieve the visual fatigue.

However, the mirror should be flat and the reflective coating should be uniform. Otherwise, the reflected light will be deformed, which will increase the visual fatigue.