45 to 59 years old is during the health care period: do a good job of three diligence and four understand to make your body healthier!

45 to 59 years old is during the health care period: do a good job of “three diligence” and “four understand” to make your body healthier!

When people are 45 years old, they must pay attention to health. They must catch gold for 15 years, that is, between 45 and 59 years old. 45 There will be many diseases, which are related to bad habits and cause body immunity.If the force is reduced, it is easy to get sick. In general, you must pay attention to the protection methods of the body parts, so that you can get sick and make yourself healthier.

The four parts must be noted, the protection is good, the stomach should pay attention to diet, not overeating, it is easy to cause the stomach can not bear, if you often eat too much spicy and stimulating things, it is easy to cause the burden of stomach and stomach, chronic work of the stomach,Natural rest time is reduced, stomach problems are also easy to occur, and it is necessary to regularly receive food quantitatively.

2, after the liver is 45 years old, the heart gradually aging, more susceptible to disease, usually must pay attention to protect the heart, pay attention to some signs of disease, especially chest tightness, dazzling can not care, must pay attention to rest, and do not stay up late, letThe liver gets a rest and must fall asleep before ten o’clock, without eating moldy food.

3, the lungs should pay attention to the health of the lungs, because the lungs are easily affected by the outside air, so be sure to do a good job of protection, go out to wear masks, breathe in fresh air, and often eat some food to protect waste.

4, the kidney is healthy for the kidney, you must eat less salt, but also eat more jujube and fungus, help to supplement high protein, reduce the burden of high blood pressure, but also pay attention to more exercise, improve kidney function, moreDrinking water is good for removing toxins.

In the golden age, you must pay attention to your own life, and you must learn “three diligence”. 1. Daily exercise can make the body exercise, improve the body’s immunity, make the organs stronger, reduce the risk of disease, and insist onExercise can also promote sleep and prolong life.

2, soaking feet every day to soak the feet can make the body more healthy, good for physical fitness, more than the meridians at the bottom of the feet, adhere to the feet every day, can raise the kidney and strengthen the body.

3, diligently every day, the human body will have a large amount of toxins accumulated, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the stool, do not squat, it is easy to cause increased urine concentration, affecting the health of the body.

I also need to know these things in order to make my body stronger. I understand that the choice of cooking oil must pay attention to controlling the absorption of edible oil. Every time there is too much substitution in cooking, it must be properly matched with oil. It cannot replace a certain one.For oils, excessive oil absorption can cause accidental accumulation in the body, causing too much damage to the body.

2, know how to pay attention to the usual way to eat less big fish, high sugar, high-salt foods, it is easy to cause high pressure, so pay attention to the 3:7 mix, and do not eat too much.

3, know how to save yourself if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you must pay attention to when you go out, take medicine when you go out, and pay attention to self-help methods, save your life at a critical moment.

4, know how to drink plenty of water every day, and pay attention to the method of hydrating, do not swallow when you drink water, you must take a small mouth, slowly swallow, one time should not be too much, should not drink too much water before going to sleep.
In the golden age, you must pay attention to these, don’t be lazy, you must pay attention to physical changes, in order to make your old age not sick.