Taiji static centering smoke correction at that time


Taiji static centering smoke correction at that time

Static, literally, is the meaning of standing still; in Tai Chi, it is a higher life experience than static.

As the author’s internal strength Taijiquan, from the beginning of the beginning, the process of conversion of one stroke and one technique (the technique is the inner work method) is often accompanied by “a quiet in the heart”, “a cross center is quiet”, “the mind is certain”Claim.

These requirements are difficult for beginners to understand.

銆€銆€Why is it difficult to understand?

Because ordinary people in daily life, due to work, life, learning pressure, cautious, nervous, busy seems to become an integral part of life activities, can not be separated.

Under such a state of mind, practicing Taijiquan, which has the most traditional Chinese cultural quality, will not adapt to it and will not get used to it; because the mind is already unable to calm down and cannot be settled.

銆€銆€Although Tai Chi Chuan is always exercised under the state of exercise; however, yin and yang are pregnant, yin and yang are both good and quiet, just like the essence of Tai Chi Chuan. Without these, the connotation and charm of Tai Chi will be lost.

銆€銆€The value of traditional Taijiquan is embodied in the boxing style. It must be that every movement is accompanied by static and fixed. The so-called “intentional shape does not stop”, “shifting does not move” – the original intention here is that the body is in motionIn the middle, the mind must be in the static setting.

Based on this understanding, foreign talents refer to Tai Chi as “sports meditation.”

銆€銆€The Taijiquan (Taiji culture) that we advocate, the static method is a special training that must be carried out.

This training process is divided into three phases, each of which lasts at least one year.

銆€銆€The first stage – King Kong sitting on the King Kong seat was originally a Chinese ancient study, a natural and graceful posture formed during the conversation, is a life habit that Confucianism especially admires; just, “Thirty years of Hedong thirty years of Hexi”, this kindSitting posture, the contemporary Chinese have rarely used it, and they are not used to it.

銆€銆€King Kong is very simple to sit on. There are two ways to sit.

銆€銆€First, the two legs are close together, the calves are laid flat on the seat cushion, the thighs and the body are kept upright, and then, sitting on the two calves.

銆€銆€Second, the two calves are placed in parallel, one foot is pressed against the other’s foot, overlapping, long calf and heel; after sitting down, the body squats forward, spreads the hips and sits down, bodyAfter straightening up, the waist is forwarded, and then the chest is covered (you can do it with a little bit of meaning, don’t move the body, take the shackles, and lead the spirit.

Although Chinese Taoists say that “the fundamental road is not sitting,” they also believe that “it is necessary to enter the road from the form of sitting.”

“King Kong sitting looks very simple, but if the leg’s “permeability” (through martial arts training, blood and blood in the body to achieve a barrier-free realm, traditional Tai Chi, Xingyiquan, gossip palm are prominentRealize this effort.

Not enough, take this kind of sitting position close, because the body pressure licks the blood vessels in the calf, the leg will be numb, it will hurt, then, my heart will be very annoying, quiet, not even the thought of not wanting to sit down.

how to respond?

Continue to stick to it (note: be sure to proceed step by step).

銆€銆€King Kong sits a way to make the blood flow better through a quiet sitting position – crushing the blood vessels and letting the blood flow slowly, which is equivalent to blocking the dam; when standing up, the place where you live is like it.When the dam breaks, the blood will rush to the top and reach the toes.

銆€銆€In daily life, you can read books, watch TV, and chat in the sitting position of King Kong. Every time, in all special sitting positions, King Kong is the only posture that can sit after a meal, because this sitting position can help digestion.

銆€銆€The second stage – Ma Buzhuang said in the past, “to be a small wash, first from the station.”

Among them, Ma Buzhuang is the most respected strategy of traditional martial arts. Why, because this Zhuang method is inflamed and quick, it can promote the circulation of blood and blood, and has a strong effect on strengthening the body and strengthening the bones.

銆€銆€The most basic requirement of Ma Bu Zhuang is that the two feet are separated in parallel, the toes are forward, the calves are upright, and the thighs are basically parallel or slightly higher.

There are also two ways to stop.

銆€銆€First, Xiao Ma Bu Zhuang.

The beginning of this crop is that the two toes are separated and separated from each other; then, the two heels are separated, and the two feet are parallel, and the shoulders are as wide as the shoulders.

The body begins to squat from the high position and gradually makes the thighs parallel.

The difficulty of this village is that if the waist does not loosen, the two thighs are not easy to flatten.

銆€銆€Second, Da Ma Bu Zhuang.

The beginning of this crop is that the two toes are separated from each other; then, the heels are separated by eight characters; the stockings and the toes are in the outer eight characters; then, the heels and the toes are parallel and parallel, wider than the shoulders, and the maximum width is one.Times.
It’s too wide for the calf to be vertical.

On this basis, the body slowly squats down, gradually the two thighs tend to be parallel (must be slightly higher).

銆€銆€Ma Bu Zhuang’s hand style is often embraced, with the palms inward and facing the body, as if the two arms occupy a large balloon.

This hand-style, martial arts old predecessor called it “including the operator.”

銆€銆€The special significance of Ma Buzhuang for practicing Tai Chi is to temper the static work.

Because, at the beginning of the station, because the “permeability” of the legs is not good, the legs due to muscle tension, complications, pain and other phenomena; some people, lumbosacral pain, can not be stressed, the thigh will themselvesOften (below the horizontal line); occurs, there will be increased heartbeat, sweating, extreme fatigue and so on.These phenomena are the normal phenomenon of taking away the “smartness” and “smartness”. However, these phenomena are often unbearable; however, this is precisely the best opportunity for the mind to calm down and be able to deny it.

Don’t miss it.

銆€銆€The third stage – no match is the most hard work, because of the most bitter, it is also the biggest training method for the tempering of calming Kung Fu.

Since this method requires someone to point it out, it will be omitted here.

銆€銆€Static training: the only way to make Taijiquan into a high realm Confucian “University” has a saying: “When you know it, you will be fixed, then you will be able to calm down, then you can be calm and then you can be safe and consider it.

“The peace and quiet here is part of the “seven certificates” of Confucianism to do things.

The static work of Taijiquan is also the same. It is not only to integrate the knowledge of Taijiquan, but more importantly, to implement static work into daily life.

銆€銆€Lao Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching: “To the imaginary, to keep quiet, and to do everything, I will see it.”

Everything is returned to the roots of the husband and wife, and the roots are quiet, quiet and resurrected, resurrected, often known.

“The shoud of “staying quietly” here is what we said.

Once you have settled, you can hold, hold, and let go, and settle in that quiet state.

“Returning to the roots” means that the fundamental avenue must be returned to the static, and return to the static, the nature of the savvy will be presented, this is the most fundamental realm.

The ultimate goal of practicing Tai Chi is also to temper the spiritual nature of the people. This is not the case. It is not enough to call the “Tai Chiquan”.

銆€銆€Why do Tai Chi Chuan temper and calm down?

The reason is that – static is the foundation of Tai Chi, there is no static basis, Tai Chi practice, “floating”, “noise”, it falls into the “empty description” – there is no realm inside.
When you have exercised Taijiquan, you will naturally realize “loose, steady, slow, and even”. It will be quiet and natural, clear and agile, and there will be effort inside (the predecessors call it “inside”Something”).

銆€銆€Taijiquan declared “medium”.

The “time and mystery” of this is contained in the “quietness”.

Static determination is introverted, adducted, and internal. Therefore, although the practice of boxing moves, the surface seems to be the consumption of life energy, and the direction of life movement is longer; however, static determination is to help Tai Chi practitioners achieveThe accumulation of life energy, storage, breeding.

銆€銆€The movement of any form of Tai Chi Chuan is inevitably cyclically experienced starting, running, terminating, and transforming.

Here, the beginning does not refer to the shape, the pace, the beginning of the technique, but the germination of the mind.

The inevitable germination is to be static.

This static is to “receive the heart, plug the horse.”

“How to receive, how to tie, must be static at the moment of the termination of any move.

The movement of the form is due to the calmness of the heart, so Zhang Sanfeng has only: “The Taijiquan, its static as moving, its movement is like static, dynamic and static circulation, continuous connection, then the two gas phase, and the image of Taiji”of.

銆€銆€Why do you want to take King Kong, Ma Buzhuang, and no match.

There are three reasons: First, these three methods, from the appearance point of view, are still and still; but in the process of training, the inner blood, the breath will naturally “drum”, at this time, quiet, heartThe prescription creates its orderly operation.

The static here refers to the sitting posture, and the rule refers to the situation of physical pain, inner irritability and quietness, and you must hold your mind and stick to it.

銆€銆€Secondly, static determination is difficult for ordinary people to experience, but because of the “forced movement” of blood and blood in the state of the main shaft, it will cause uncomfortable feelings such as hemp, swelling, pain, itching, etc.Feeling, in fact, is the peace of mind; if you can settle your mind and let yourself calm down, you will find that the feeling of discomfort is tolerable. This kind of psychological change that can be endured is the embodiment of deepening the degree of calmness.

銆€銆€Third, to do anything, you must have perseverance to succeed, and calm down, is an important way to temper perseverance.

When each stage can last for more than 2 hours, it can still stand still, and the heart is not uncomfortable, even very comfortable. This kind of realm is the embodiment of the static work.